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Irregularity - GlyphOur next anthology is on the horizon - Irregularity will be published in all formats on 24 July.

Irregularity is the result of our latest collaboration with the National Maritime Museum. The anthology's release coincides with Longitude Season and the opening of Ships, Clocks and Stars, a major new exhibition marking the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act.

Using the Longitude Act as the jumping off point, Irregularity is inspired by the great thinkers of the Age of Reason - those courageous men and women who set out to map, chart, name and classify the world around them. The great minds who brought order and discipline to the universe. Except where they didn't.

Irregularity contains new stories of natural law and those that disobey it, including:

  • "Fairchild's Folly" by Tiffani Angus
  • "A Game Proposition" by Rose Biggin
  • "Footprint" by Archie Black
  • "A Woman Out of Time" by Kim Curran
  • "The Heart of Aris Kindt" by Richard de Nooy
  • "An Experiment in the Formulae of Thought" by Simon Guerrier
  • "Irregularity" by Nick Harkaway
  • "Circulation" by Roger Luckhurst
  • "The Voyage of the Basset" by Claire North
  • "The Assassination of Isaac Newton by the Coward Robert Boyle" by Adam Roberts
  • "Animalia Paradoxa" by Henrietta Rose-Innes
  • "The Last Escapement" by James Smythe
  • "The Darkness" by M. Suddain
  • "The Spiders of Stockholm" by E. J. Swift

From John Harrison to Ada Lovelace, Isaac Newton to Émilie du Châtelet, these stories showcase the Age of Reason in a very different light.

Irregularity also contains an afterword by Sophie Waring and Richard Dunn, Head of Science and Technology at Royal Museums Greenwich.

The stories are illustrated by Gary Northfield, based on imagery from the archives of the National Maritime Museum. The cover shows "Resolution", a work by Howard Hardiman. (The image shown above is adapted from "Resolution" and is a consistent presence across the covers of all three formats.)

Irregularity will be available as paperback, an ebook and a limited edition hardcover. The latter, as with all our limited editions, is deliberately fashioned to be a very unusual object, and will be sold exclusively through the National Maritime Museum.

Further details will be made available soon, including instructions on how to pre-order your copy of the limited edition. Please note that the last limited edition we made available with the National Maritime Museum sold out in 48 hours. We recommend joining our mailing list to be notified when they go on sale, and therefore avoid disappointment.

Irregularity will be launched at the National Maritime Museum on 24 July, as part of the "Dark and Stormy Late". There will be readings, signings (over a dozen of the contributors will be there!), activities, wine and all sorts of goodness. Tickets are on sale now.

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