Academics vs Jews vs Zombies

As noted over at Adam Roberts' blog, Jews vs Zombies has gone respectable:

An academic at Wesleyan University is giving a lecture based around Jews vs Zombies at the Association for American Religion meeting. Here is the description:

Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim? Jews as Predators and Prey in the Zombie Apocalypse

There is an ongoing debate in Judaism around whether "stewardship" or "dominion" is the proper way to define our relationship to the rest of creation. What does it mean to have control over the Earth? And how do we practice tza'ar ba'alei chayim, concern for the suffering of living things, from our place at the top of the food chain. The short story collection Jews vs Zombies pushes those questions to their logical, and sometimes illogical extreme by plunging us into the post-zombie apocalypse where humanity is no longer the alpha predator. As both predators and prey, the Jews in these stories have to navigate new ethical concerns that Genesis never imagined.


Ebrei Contro Zombi

Jvz-italian-coverLavie Tidhar has the scoop:

"We have agreed an Italian edition of Jews vs Zombies, to be published in e-book and paperback by Acheron Books. All proceeds from the sale of this edition will go to our chosen charity, with the advance against royalties already given in donation."

The English language edition is available through and

Congratulations to editors Lavie Tidhar and Rebecca Levene, artist Sarah Anne Langton, and all the contributing authors.

We Need to Talk... Pre-orders and Launch Party!

We need to talk

We Need to Talk features original work from Daisy Buchanan, Robert Sharp, Kim Curran, Andreina Cordani, Amy McLellan and over a dozen more - all stories inspired by (very) difficult conversations!

All proceeds are given to the women's cancer charity, The Eve Appeal. September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, and we're proud to support their efforts.

The anthology is introduced by Milly Johnson, with a cover design by Kindred's Lisa Wright.

We Need to Talk publishes on 24 September. The lovely paperbacks can be pre-ordered through Foyles and the ebooks can be pre-ordered now through and

Please join us, The Eve Appeal, and the contributors at the launch at 6.30 pm, Thursday, 24 September at Foyles Royal Festival Hall. RSVP here!

Speculative Fiction Sale!

Speculative FictionThe two first volumes of the award-winning Speculative Fiction series are currently on sale for a mere 99¢ on Sale ends 6 September.

Speculative Fiction 2012 is edited by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin and Speculative Fiction 2013 by Ana Grilo and Thea James. Both volumes collect the year's best non-fiction. Each book has over fifty entries, discussing everything from dystopian fashion to the death of grimdark, as well as reviews of contemporary and classic books and films.

The series has won the British Fantasy Award and was a finalist for the Hugo Awards in 2013. Contributors include N.K. Jemisin, Elizabeth Bear, Kameron Hurley, Joe Abercrombie, Nina Allen and many, many more, including a host of acclaimed authors, bloggers and critics.

Speculative Fiction 2014 is also available on Amazon and Speculative Fiction 2015 is now open for submissions and recommendations.

We Need to Talk: Contributors!

We Need to TalkThe winners of the We Need to Talk competition have been announced!

 The anthology features 19 original stories, all about difficult conversations, and all in aid of The Eve Appeal.

Their stories were selected from a (rather substantial) pool of entries by a team of judges including Conville & Walsh's Susan Armstrong, Hodder & Stoughton's Anne Perry, Kindred's Anastasia Scott and The Eve Appeal's Athena Lamnisos.

The book will be published at the end of September as both a paperback and an ebook. Pre-order and launch details coming shortly.

A huge congratulations to all who made the final cut, and an equally gigantic thank you to everyone who sent a story, as well as the judges and volunteers who have made this book possible.

"A Game Proposition"

"A Game Proposition", Rose Biggin's story of games and discovery and shipwrecks and folklore from Irregularity is now available as a free audio download from Word Punks!

The story is read by Zoe Ridley and lasts just a hair under 30 minutes.

This story and others like can be found in Irregularity, available for purchase on and

If you like critically-lauded, Tiptree- and Sunday Times-honored short stories about alternate history and the Age of Reason, illustrated with Spectrum-selected artwork,... this is probably the anthology for you.

And if you're interested in other (free!) audio treats from Jurassic London publications, you can find the complete list here.

Jurassic London at Nine Worlds

We'll be at Nine Worlds this weekend - taking part in all the festivities and flogging our wares.

The complete guest list and schedule can be found here. 

We'll also be selling our titles in the ALL OF THE BOOKS room. The table for small presses is only open for a limited time each day, which is fitting - we'll be bringing a limited number of limited editions. 

Our approach to this one is 'everything we can fit in bags, we're taking with us'.

So far that includes Glaze, The Good Shabti, The Lowest Heaven, The Book of the Dead, Unearthed, The Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys, Irregularity and The Brick Moon, as well as a few oddities (prints, etc) that we're turning up in the search. We'll only have a few copies of each item, and, in many cases, these are the last few copies of each item. 

We're also pricing them to move with special "Please Don't Make Us Carry All These Home" convention discounts. We're leaving early on Sunday, so don't put this off until the last minute!

See you there!

We Need to Talk - Deadline Extended!

We Need to Talk

We've extended the deadline for We Need to Talk - an anthology of (very) short fiction in aid of The Eve Appeal.

The judges - Hodder & Stoughton's Anne Perry, The Eve Appeal's Athena Lamnios, Kindred's Anastasia Scott and Conville & Walsh's Susan Armstrong - are looking for stories of 2,000 words (max) and on the theme of 'difficult conversations'.

Applicants need to work in the UK or Ireland in anything associated with 'marketing or media' (two sectors all about conversation!). There's lot of scope and lots of opportunity, so please, give it a go!

All the details are here.

The book publishes this September, with all proceeds going to The Eve Appeal.

'How do you feel when you read those four words? Worried about what’s coming next? Excited about the chance for chit chat? Or, concerned that the next sentence will be “It’s not you, it’s me”?' (Anastasia Scott on We Need to Talk)

Free: Four Seasons in the Floating World™

Because... because.

This weekend, Molly Tanzer and Jesse Bullington's Four Seasons in the Floating World™ is free on Amazon and

Junji is an employee of The Floating World™, a future paradise constructed around beautifully-rendered and badly-interpreted Japanese tradition. Despite his noble intention, every time he lashes out at the commercialised rubbish that is (was!) his culture, he's pulled him deeper and deeper into The Floating World™. Can he escape? Or is he doomed to play a part in Mecha Patrol Alpha Squad until the end of time!? 

Grab your copy of this bleakly comic cyberpunk dystopia now on Amazon and