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Announcing... Glaze by Kim Curran

I am proud to announce that Jurassic London has acquired the limited edition rights to Glaze, a new novel from Kim Curran. Kim is one of the great new voices in young adult science fiction - and Glaze is her strongest work yet, a combination of astute technological insight, uneasy social commentary and brilliant adventure.

Glaze will be our first foray into novel-length original fiction, and I still believe this will be the exception for us, not the rule. But I strongly believe that the innovation and excitement in genre fiction is coming from writers like Kim, and I am delighted that we have the opportunity to work with her to bring her vision to life.

Our goal is to create a stunning physical edition of Glaze that both supports and showcases its incredible story: a beautiful, exclusive book that does Kim's work proud.

Glaze - in both its limited and trade editions - will be released late Spring 2014.

For further information about Glaze, see Kim's blog post on its origins. Kim's on Twitter as @KimeCurran and you can read more about her previous titles: Shift, Control and Delete on her website.

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If you are a reviewer or retailer, interested in further information about this title, please contact me at jared at jurassic-london.com


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