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Announcing... The Good Shabti by Robert Sharp

The Good ShabtiJurassic London are delighted to announce The Good Shabti, an original novella of mummies, science and horror by Robert Sharp. 

The Good Shabti is a story that spans thousands of years. In the twilight days of Pharoah Mentuhotep, a slave stumbles into the path of imperial ambitions. And in contemporary times, a brilliant scientist and her ruthless companions come close to achieving the impossible: the revivification of an ancient mummy. The two stories weave together in a tale that combines science and myth, anticipation and horror...

Jurassic London will be publishing the limited edition of The Good Shabti in September, as 100 signed and numbered hardcover copies.

The limited edition comes complete with a wrap-around dust jacket by award-winning artist Jeffrey Alan LoveThe Good Shabti also contains an afterword by John J. Johnston, Vice-Chair of the Egypt Exploration Society and 2013 BSFA nominee.

The ebook of The Good Shabti will be published by Sabrina Press, and released simultaneously in English and Arabic.

For review and trade enquiries, please contact

Advance review copies are available now.


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