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Sidewise and British Fantasy Awards!

Great news yesterday as both the Sidewise and the British Fantasy Award shortlists were announced.

First, we're very proud to announce that Adam Roberts' "Tollund" is a finalist for the Sidewise Award in the Short Form category.

The Sidewise Awards, presented annually since 1995, are a juried award with the mission of recognising excellence in alternate historical fiction. This year's winners will be announced in August at WorldCon.

"Tollund" first appeared in The Book of the Dead, our collaboration with the Egypt Exploration Society. It is a 'typical' Adam Roberts story - that is, it is brilliant, hilarious, horrifying, multi-layered and wonderfully surprising - it could've been written by no one else in the world. The Book of the Dead is on sale as a paperback and an eBook through Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kobo and Spacewitch.

For more about the Sidewise Award and the other finalists, see the announcement on SF Site.

We're also pleased to have two Jurassic titles represented on the British Fantasy Award shortlists. Sophia McDougall's magnificent "Golden Apple" (from The Lowest Heaven is a finalist for Best Short Story and Speculative Fiction 2012 (edited by Justin Landon and myself) is a finalist in Best Non-Fiction.

Joey Hi-Fi, The Lowest Heaven's artist, is also a finalist in the Best Artist category and, hell, despite the fact that also he did amazing work for HarperCollins, Solaris and many, many others, we're claiming him too! 

You can find The Lowest Heaven here - Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kobo and Spacewitch. And Speculative Fiction 2012Amazon US, Amazon UK and Spacewitch.

Congratulations to Adam and Sophia and Justin and Joey, they're brilliant people - and good ones - and deserve these accolades and many more!


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