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The Lowest Heaven - 1 Year Later

The Lowest HeavenCast your mind back an entire year (that's seven dog years, 11 cat years and 203,908 Twitter outrages)... at the end of June in 2013, we launched The Lowest Heaven at the National Maritime Museum. 

The Lowest Heaven has 17 original stories, plus an introduction from Marek Kukula (the Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich). The book was released to coincide with a fantastic exhibition - Visions of the Universe: photography through the ages of, er... the universe (and the many parts thereof).

The book was similarly themed, as we asked the contributors to each choose one celestial body as inspiration. Later, the Museum gave us access to their archives (woooo!) to select appropriate imagery.

That was pretty cool. 

Also cool - in the twelve months since, The Lowest Heaven has given us:

  • A BSFA finalist  - E.J. Swift's "Saga's Children" (Ceres)
  • A BFS finalist - Sophia McDougall's "Golden Apple" (The Sun)
  • An Aurelis winner (and Ditmar finalist) - Kaaron Warren's "Air, Water and the Grove" (Saturn)
  • Twenty in 20 longlist selection - S.L. Grey's "We'll always be here" (Pluto & Charon)
  • Five 'year's best' selections (two Science Fiction, one Weird Fiction and one Dark Fantasy & Horror!)

Also, also cool - Joey Hi-Fi made the amazing cover art (also inspired by some of work found in the Museum's archives) and a massive starmap that contains teeny tiny hints to some of the stories. The limited edition (which sold out in 48 hours!) contained a fold out map, which was a lot of fun to make.

And the very best part is that people are still reading it - sales of The Lowest Heaven have yet to slow down, which, a year on, is slightly bonkers. 

So, on the first birthday of The Lowest Heaven... thank you. For reading and buying and voting and nominating and reviewing and all of those amazing things that you've done to make the book a success. We're really proud to have been part of this project.