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The Lowest Heaven - 1 Year Later

"We'll Always Be Here" - on the Twenty in 20 longlist

20yrs-Logo_vekS.L. Grey's "We'll Always Be Here" has been selected for the longlist for the Twenty in 20 project - an initiative "whose aim is to identify the best South African short stories published in English during the past two decades of democracy". 

"We'll Always Be Here" is the story from The Lowest Heaven that corresponds with Pluto and Charon. A fun-fact about The Lowest Heaven. As soon as we had the anthology's concept down - a story for each body in the Solar System - Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg were the first two people we approached. A twin planet(oid) that's associated with all that is evil and horrible? Who better to write for it than horror fiction's finest gestalt entity, S.L. Grey?

Our faith in them was clearly not misplaced. As well as being an extremely creepy story of loneliness and evil machines and the (very, very) end of the world, "We'll Always Be Here" is a biting satire about parenting and childhood, consumering and pop culture. S.L. Grey pitched the story as "Mean Girls meets Event Horizon", but, as funny as that is, it is also selling it short. It is a sneakily powerful tale, and we're enormously proud to see it recognised as such.

For more about the Twenty in 20 project and the other (fantastic) longlisted works, please see the announcement at Books LIVE. Congratulations to Sarah and Louis and the other authors.