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Stories of the ДЫМ [Smoke]

Stories of the Smoke - art by Gary NorthfieldWe're very pleased to announce that eight selections from Stories of the Smoke have been translated and published in Russia, as part of a special edition produced by SNOB magazine.

Stories of the Smoke (2012) collected stories inspired by Dickens' London. SNOB, in partnership with the British Council, were interested in publishing a volume with a similar theme - which would also include new work from contemporary Russian authors. The British Council, who were instrumental in the creation of Smoke, connected everyone, and it all worked out neatly from there.

The stories selected were:

  • "Uncle Smoke" - Archie Black
  • "The Hound of Henry Hortinger" - Michelle Goldsmith
  • "Necropolis" - Jonathan Green
  • "Bullseye" - Sarah Anne Langton
  • "Cuckoo" - David Thomas Moore
  • "An Unburdening of the Soul" - David Thomas Moore
  • "The Collection" - Esther Saxey
  • "The Pickwick Syndrome" - Kaaron Warren 

We have copies winging their way over now, and we'll share pictures as soon as they arrive. This is our first translation and foreign sale (all proceeds of which went to the authors) and we couldn't be more delighted.

A huge thanks to the British Council and SNOB for putting this together. We're immensely proud of our authors and delighted that these excellent stories will now be available for new readers to enjoy.

[Corrected with the right word for "smoke"! This is why we leave translation to the professionals!]