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Project Updates - Fall/Winter 2014

The Good ShabtiTis the autumn season in London, when the air gets crisp, the skies get dark at 4 pm, and there's nothing finer than curling up with a good book. And, fortunately, we've got a few on the horizon.

Here's the latest news of our upcoming titles:

Robert Sharp's The Good Shabti is looking rather stunning, Jeffrey Alan Love cover art and all. We're just awaiting the final bits and pieces, but this freakishly good horror debut will be going to print by the end of the month. We've already had the first reviews come through - Fantasy Faction called it "exciting and enthralling" and Zodiac Station's Tom Harper has boldly declared it "the greatest Egyptian adventure since Scooby Doo in Where's My Mummy?". Our edition of Shabti is limited to 100 copies. (November)

Mark Charan Newton's The Reef, the long-awaited return of his debut novel, is also on its way. Mark and I have been working to re-edit the entire novel, and Mark's generously added thousands of words of new material - this is The Reef as it has never been read before. There's a stunning cover by Philippa Rice that we've yet to reveal and, if I do say so myself, the text design is rather foxy. The Reef will be a very big book, as suits an epic fantasy from one of the genre's best authors. Also limited - this time to 75 copies. (November)

Both The Reef and The Good Shabti are going to be available exclusively through The Best Little Bookshop (and the launch parties, of course). More on this closer to the time, but this gives us (and you) global distribution with minimum effort. Meaning the books will go out faster and at the lowest possible price. If you've got time, why not practice shopping on their site? Just to make sure you get it right, of course. 

You may have noticed that we've been publishing a story each week over on Pornokitsch - reprints (including some Jurassic London tales) plus original fiction. We'll now be bringing some of those tales out as ebooks as well - starting with James Smythe's "Black Paintings", Molly Tanzer & Jesse Bullington's "Four Seasons on The Floating World™", Rose Biggin's "Put to Silence", and Kim Curran's "The Kiss". This is, as with all things, a bit of an experiment. There's no added content or anything - so you can still read them online for free - but we wanted to get these stories out in front of even more readers. (November)

Project Doge (I'm so proud of our code names) is fully edited and as soon as the cover is finalised, the editors will be announcing it. This is the start of a brand new anthology series, all original fiction, and, as is our style, all for charity. (December)

The Stocking Stuffer 2014 is still open for submissions, but only barely! If you've got 750 words of space opera in you, better get them to me quickly. (December)

Finally, we've picked up the rights to some gorgeous original art by Chloe Douglass. In an unusual reversal of our normal process, we found the story to match, and we'll be publishing a limited edition chapbook - currently Project Ammonite - in time for the holidays. (December)

I'd make a joke about 2015 being a little quieter, but with The Streets of Pandemonium, The Near Now, Project Doge II, Speculative Fiction 2014 and Andrew Liptak's brilliant popular history of SF - all scheduled for the first six months - I think we'll keep busy. Somehow.

Oh, and don't even get me started on Project Beekeeper, because you're going to love that one.