2014 Publications and Eligibility
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Announcing... The Stocking Stuffer 2014

Pandy Stocking Stuffer 2014 72ppiCELEBRATE with the fabled Quantum Quadrant Speed-of-Light Elite Fleet as they ring in the holiday season! 

MARVEL at the excitement as the Jolly Rogerer and its Space Pirate Queen go into space pirate battle! 

BE AMAZED at the value that Sargan Fail's (almost complete) head will fetch on the open market! 

LEARN startling new uses for a chainsaw, as you dispose of oversized alien corpses! 

TAKE PRIDE as your children head off into space, eager to explore the unknown! 

DODGE the laser fire and tractor beams of the Skerran fleet (by taking a nice nap)! 

The Stocking Stuffer 2014 comes packed with six brand new (very) short stories:

  • "The Quantum Quadrant Speed-of-Light Elite Fleet Christmas Party" by Rose Biggin 
  • "Chrysalis" by Becky Chambers 
  • "Afterwards" by William Curnow 
  • "Drones" by Paul M Ford 
  • "Light" by Erin Horáková 
  • "Where's Jerry?" by Richard de Nooy 

With a cover by Sarah Anne Langton.

As always, we'll be giving away the Stocking Stuffer for free to our mailing list.

The Stocking Stuffer 2014 publishes 16 December, and available for pre-order on Amazon and Amazon.co.uk - six stories for mere pennies (or pence, depending on region).