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Irregularity - Cover - Paperback AltTor.com's "Under the Radar" feature picked some of their favourite books of the year, and Justin Landon highlighted Irregularity:

"Irregularity from Jurassic London was one of the best short story anthologies I’ve ever read, executed with an incredible amount of cleverness. It’s one of those rare books that ties together all of the different stories and authors into something that actually make sense as a complete thing. Huge achievement in my opinion."

Meanwhile, The Book of the Dead has earned its very own entry in the new encyclopedia of mummies:

"Although the anthology draws heavily upon the tropes of literary and cinematic mummy fiction it nonetheless moves into innovative and challenging territory, allowing the creators to rework the mummy as a complex and versatile literary creation by presenting a mixture of tales that are genuinely horrific, darkly humorous and poignant. The full scope of the human condition is explored as the authors utilize the traditional cipher of the living mummy to tackle the emotional and material intricacies of death, loss, rememberance, physical resurrection, and immortality." - Mummies Around the World: an Encyclopedia of Mummies in History, Religion and Popular Culture (ed. Matt Cardin, ABC Clio, 2014)

The Book of the Dead makes a second appearance in the encyclopedia, as one of the essential reads in "Mummies in Western Fiction".

In case you missed it, our annual Stocking Stuffer is out! The 2014 volume contains six new (short) tales inspired by space opera. The contributors are Jurassic writers new and old, including Richard de Nooy, Becky Chambers, Paul Ford, William Curnow, Erin Horáková and Rose Biggin (whose story is also available here).

Our free, weekly short stories continue on Pornokitsch, with original fiction from David Bryher, Amy Coombe and Archie Black, as well as reprints from Lavie Tidhar and Harle Cummins.

We're looking to release more short stories in our 'Gold Medal' series - David Bryher's "She is Cleopatra" and two stories by Amy Coombe. These should be out in January.