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The Future of Speculative Fiction

Speculative-Fiction-205x300We're delighted to announce that the award-winning Speculative Fiction series will be published by Book Smugglers Publishing from 2015 and beyond.

Speculative Fiction began as an experiment - filling what we felt was a gap in the market. Justin Landon and I wanted to make sure that the 'ephemeral' critical non-fiction being produced on amateur blogs was celebrated and preserved with the rigour that it deserved. We also knew that any volume of this nature would be incredibly subjective: our 'best' was just what we picked of what we had available. With the entire internet to choose from, trying to distill everything into a single volume would be impossible.

Instead, we did the next best thing - we presented Speculative Fiction 2012 as the best from our perspective and then passed the whole thing off to a different set of editors. Ana Grilo and Thea James selected and curated Speculative Fiction 2013 and Renay and Shaun Duke and handling Speculative Fiction 2014 and and and... The whole point of the series, as we saw it, is to celebrate a diversity of perspectives. And that can't happen if you're standing in one place.

And, to follow that theme - what's best for Speculative Fiction is that it moves as well. As much as we've loved hand-holding this brilliant series through its first steps, it needs more than what we can offer. The Book Smugglers aren't just bloggers and publishers, they're exemplars of the new era of reader-turned-critic-turned-creator culture that defines both modern fandom and the future of publishing. Their publishing imprint - despite its youth - is simply phenomenal; it has the reach, the connections to fandom(s), the wild ambition, and the transatlantic footprint that Speculative Fiction needs to grow.

Speculative Fiction was always a passion project, and Justin and I wouldn't put it into the hands to anyone we didn't trust wholeheartedly and respect immensely. We're delighted for the series, grateful to the Book Smugglers and eager to see what this year's volume brings.