The Good Shabti - Unwrapping Party!
The Good Shabti - Unwrapped Tonight!

The Good Shabti - now more limited than ever!

8U2wNwGqPrXV33eMAObZ8ZNZb02_1G1dtcT1cJtHQ6cA few updates on The Good Shabti: 

First, the unwrapping party is nigh! We hope to see you on Thursday night at the Betsey Trotwood for stories, drinks, books and good company. Please RSVP here - not mandatory, but helps us get a good sense of the numbers... which are looking rather hefty. (See below.) 

Second, our distribution partner is no more!  This is bittersweet news - we are really, really big fans of Best Little Bookshop, and are sorry to see it go. On the other hand, Kieron Smith is brilliant and we're delighted to see what he does with Blackwell's. Bad news for BLB, great news for a chain that's always supported our books.

Right now the launch is looking really busy - so busy, in fact, that coming to another distribution arrangement might be a lot of hassle for naught. At £12 each, we don't expect to have a lot of copies left after the party. In fact, I'm uncomfortable about even taking pre-orders, which is another reason not to go shopping for a bookselling partner.

All too much information, but it is also part of the fun (genuinely!) of being a bite-sized publishing house.

What's this all mean?

The only guaranteed way to get a copy of The Good Shabti is to come to the party and buy one (we're limiting them to a maximum of 2 per person, so no one hoards or anything).

I'll offer the remaining copies to our mailing list on Friday morning. Again at £12 a pop. So sign up to that. It'll be first-come, first-served. As a further incentive, I think I'll have a few other ... rarities to offer as well. 

I'm really, really sorry, but I cannot take pre-orders or otherwise reserve copies.