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Irregularity at Forbidden Planet, 7 March


Continuing the irregularity of Irregularity, we're delighted to announce a massive signing event at Forbidden Planet on Saturday, 7 March, 1 - 2 pm.

Remember that super-sold-out-sexy limited - the "Meridian Edition"? Well, after the National Maritime Museum's "Ships, Clocks and Stars" exhibition ended, we turned up an unopened box in their storeroom. Completely untouched! They're not even signed, so they somehow went unnoticed at the original launch.

To celebrate, we're hosting a signing party at Forbidden Planet. A relaunch, perhaps? We're going to sign the limited edition (there really aren't many, so come early!), plus paperbacks plus all of the authors' other books (and there are many).

Attendees include:

Tiffani Angus
Rose Biggin
Richard Dunn
Simon Guerrier
Nick Harkaway
Roger Luckhurst
Claire North
Gary Northfield
Adam Roberts
Henrietta Rose-Innes
James Smythe
M. Suddain
E.J. Swift
Sophie Waring
The eagle-eyed might notice that a few of these attendees - including Henrietta Rose-Innes and the book's amazing artist, Gary Northfield - weren't at the launch event. Meaning that, if you have a copy of the Meridian Edition already, this is a chance to collect some new and different signatures. (Authors: like Pokemon!)