E.J. Swift's "The Spiders of Stockholm" selected for the The Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award!
Irregularity at Forbidden Planet, 7 March

Kim Curran's "The Kiss" now available as free audio

Jurassic London"When people first talked about the events of the fifth of May it was with hushed voices and bowed heads. An unusually respectful four days passed before the jokes started to fly around the internet. And fly so fast it was possible to believe, by tracking the number of posts and calculating the amount of time it takes to craft a witty comment in one hundred and forty characters, that the first online comment had actually been made before The Blast had taken place."

"The Kiss" was first published on Pornokitsch on 28 October, 2014.

You can read the complete story here.

Kim Curran is the author of Shift, Control, Delete and Glaze. Her short fiction also appears in Irregularity.

Mahvesh Murad is the host of Midnight in Karachi and was the voice of CityFM's "Voodoo Nights" and "89 Chapters".