Sir Christopher Frayling & The Book of the Dead
Spectrum selects... Gary Northfield and Jeffrey Alan Love

Reprints, Reruns and The Reef

ReefThanks to everyone who participated in our massive giveaway of The Book of the Dead!

It is the first time we've ever done something like this for one of our major anthologies, and we're delighted that so many people took part - with over 1,300 downloads on the day! Thank you for tweeting, emailing, Facebooking and, of course, downloading! We were at the Egypt Exploration Society last weekend, and they were equally delighted - it is great to get the word out about exciting Egyptologically-inspired literature and to celebrate the life and works of Amelia Edwards.

Forbidden Planet promptly sold out of The Good Shabti (yay!). The website says 'temporarily out of stock', and that is the truth - a box of the limited edition is on its way. Given that they ship globally and they're lovely people, we're letting them stock the book exclusively, so if you're interested in a copy, head thataway.

Our bestselling paperback title is heading for a new printing. That is, of course, The Brick Moon. This lovely little pocket-sized classic just keeps selling, and we're delighted to say that we're printing up a brand new run of them.

Upcoming titles

We have proof of life (pun intended) for Mark Charan Newton's The Reef! See pictured above - manuscript copies of this are heading off to the proofreader. It is a beast of a book (also intended).

And next up! The equally-delayed The Streets of Pandemonium has a plan and a copy-editor and most of its stories. More on that soon. God forbid we do something the easy way, right?

Finally, following the success of The Brick Moon, we have more pocket-sized works in the, er... works.

Distant titles

Quite a few flying about, but here are some mysterious updates.

We're scheming up schemes for our fifth anniversary volume - out late 2016. Thanks for your ideas, and please keep them coming! On the Coming Soon page, this is (naturally) 'Project Narcissus'.

We've been in touch with an exciting new partner, in regards to a project for later this year. This will be midway between a chapbook and an anthology. It will also have open submissions (woo!), although with certain specific requirements. This has gone on as Project Stilton.

And we're currently doing some scheme-squirming with exciting existing partners as to Project Hapi (maybe, Summer 2016? Maybe?) and Project Muse (definitely Winter 2016). 

If you're trying to figure out any meaning in those names, please remember that The Near Now was 'Project Falcon' and Jews vs Aliens / Zombies was 'Project Doge'. I like to keep people guessing.

And if you do like guessing, our 'Coming Soon' page is far more speculative than accurate, but... enjoy!