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Tiptree Award Honours for Kim Curran's "A Woman Out of Time"

Spectrum selects... Gary Northfield and Jeffrey Alan Love

The Good ShabtiWe're proud to announce that Spectrum - the "showcase for the best and brightest creators of fantastic art from around the globe" - have selected two Jurassic London pieces for their annual. 

Jeffrey Alan Love's wraparound cover for The Good Shabti was previously highlighted by the Society of Illustrators, and has been a part of their travelling exhibition. Jeffrey also has several other pieces in Spectrum 22, including work for Gollancz, and the New Yorker. 

Gary Northfield's illustration for Claire North's "The Voyage of The Basset" (from Irregularity) is one of our favourites - in the spirit of 'irregularity', he began with an image selected from the National Maritime Museum archives, and then carefully added to it with his own subtle touches. We wanted to create a sense of authenticity, of a slightly unnerving alternate history, and Gary's work does this brilliantly. 

Getting recognition for artists comes all too rarely, and we're extremely privileged to have worked with some of the best. Congrats to Gary and Jeffrey!

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You can see more of Gary's work here and Jeffrey's work here.

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