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The Five Year Plan - Your Thoughts Wanted

Just realised today that, in 18ish months (October 2016), we will be celebrating the five year anniversary of Jurassic London. (Immediately followed by, wait, it has only been 3 and a half years?!)

Thinking ahead, I'd love to create some sort of anniversary edition, but I'd also like it to have appeal - and long-term value - beyond nostalgia and back-patting (although, honestly, it'll have plenty of that). 

Possible content could include:

- A 'best of' collection of some of our favourite stories 

- And/or some 'best of' stories selected by public vote

- As part of the above - reprints of some of our (very) hard to get earlier stories

- Pretty reproductions of covers and interior art

- 'Behind the scenes' materials - editorial notes, early sketches, photos, poster art, etc. etc.

- New stories from Jurassic authors

- Open subs, with flash fiction around dinosaurs?!

What would you like to see?


Justin Landon

Publishing Bartholomew Snugglington's debut novel.


Ah, Snugglington. OUR DARKEST HOUR.


Happy anniversary! :) :)
"Best of" collection and/or reprints of very hard to get stories would appeal most to me.
(though I must admit flash fiction with dinosaurs sounds like a pretty big draw too)


Commission sequel stories for best loved items or do some version of new material in honor of what was published before.

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