Open for Submissions: Pornokitsch Weekly Fiction
Spring is in the air...

More Submissions News: "BOD2", "9W" & Other Acronyms

The Book of the DeadA round-up and a heads-up, where we are and will be with submissions:

We're open for submissions for Pornokitsch's "Weekly Fiction" feature. For those that aren't aware of our award-winning 'parent site', Pornokitsch is a 'geek culture' and review blog that features new and old stories on a regular basis. In the past, it has showcased stories from James Smythe, Molly Tanzer, Adam Roberts, Amy Coombe, Jesse Bullington and many others. Details here.

We are also looking for writers (any genre or literary background) from Northern Africa and the Middle East - please interpret that as broadly and openly as possible. This is for the as-yet-untitled "The Book of the Dead 2" - tentatively scheduled for 2017. Our first collection of mummy-themed stories addressed the Victorian approach, and we'd like this second volume to bring in a more holistic view, and how mummies are culturally (and fictionally) significant in the region that originated the folklore.

Although we may have a budget for translations, that's grant-pending, so stories will need to be in English. We're not currently accepting submissions, but we gauging interest and building a list of contacts.  So please, if you - or someone you know - might be interested, please drop me an line at

We'll be creating a flash fiction anthology at this year's Nine Worlds, 7 - 9 August. Following on from Robert Sharp's successful talk about non-linear fiction at last year's convention, we thought we'd put some of that to practice - and Rob and Jared will be creating a... something... with writers that weekend. It will be open to convention attendees only, so if you're interested in taking part - please come along.

Aaaaand... one last one: we've just had an anthology/writing competition approved with a new charity partner and some excellent judges. Entries will open in May and it will be fairly fast turn-around, but a rather amazing opportunity. We're very excited, and can't wait to get started.