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Happy Birthday, Robert Chambers!

Marooned - by Vincent SammyThree years ago, we published one of our very first books - Lost Souls, an anthology of forgotten fiction, carefully re-edited and introduced. With over twenty stories, lots of bonus material and gorgeous illustrations from Vincent Sammy (like the one shown here), this book remains one of our very favourites.

Lost Souls includes "Marooned", a short story set in World War I that takes a unique perspective on the horrors of war and the mental toll that they exact. Robert Chambers, the story's author, is perhaps better known for his more supernatural horror - The King in Yellow. But "Marooned" is one small example of his range and his skill, as well as the sort of overlooked tale that we tried to turn up for Lost Souls.

To celebrate Mr Chambers' birthday, the ebooks of Lost Souls are completely free today and tomorrow on Amazon. Or, splurge on the paperback - Vincent's illustrations look even better that way!

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