The Good Shabti - a Shirley Jackson Award finalist!
Happy Birthday, Robert Chambers!

The Brick Moon - Free! (Briefly)

6a00d8345295c269e201a3fce12b5d970b-800wiTo celebrate last night's event with the Chelsea Fringe FestivalThe Brick Moon is currently free on and

For those that missed it, the Royal Observatory's Marek Kukula gave a brilliant talk about the history of world-building (literally!) in science fiction, and the particular legacy of Frank Herbert's Dune. Plus, we all made sandworms with Lauren O'Farrell.

Marek Kukula also co-wrote the introduction to our re-issue of the classic Victorian novel, The Brick Moon, alongside the National Maritime Museum's Richard Dunn. Our edition of The Brick Moon is carefully recreated from the original serialised magazine publication and also comes complete with a new sequel from award-winning author Adam Roberts. Plus, that gorgeous cover from Gary Northfield...

All this - currently free. So swoop in and grab your copy!