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Call for Submissions: We Need to Talk

The-eve-appealJurassic London are proud to announce the upcoming publication of We Need to Talk: Stories for Evean anthology of original short stories on the theme of "difficult conversations".

We Need to Talk is compiled by Kindred Agency, with all proceeds going to The Eve Appeal

The stories will be selected by a panel of judges including The Eve Appeal's Athena Lamnisos, Hodder & Stoughton's Anne C Perry, Conville & Walsh's Susan Armstrong and Kindred's Anastasia Scott. Several writers are already attached to the project as well, and we'll be announcing them later.

Stories need to be under 2,000 words long, original, delivered by 5 July, and on the theme of "difficult conversations" (interpret as you see fit). The kicker: the competition is only open to those working in the British or Irish advertising, marketing and media industries. (There's a lot of wiggle room there!)

From the competition entry page:

All of us, at some point, are involved in difficult conversations. Whether that’s tough talks with clients or bosses, or break-ups, or coming out, or telling someone you love them, or giving advice to that friend who just doesn’t want to hear it. Some conversations are even more difficult, as sufferers of any potentially serious illness will know.

But one thing’s for sure, these conversations are fascinating. So much so that we’ve teamed up with women’s cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, to launch a writing competition on the theme of difficult conversations. The winning entries will be collected and released as a book (paperback and digital) during gynaecological cancer awareness month in September.

The competition is open to anyone who works in the marketing (any discipline) or media industries here in the UK. We’ve set these parameters because we know that those working in our sectors enjoy writing more than most. According to our research, 78% of marketing and media professionals love to write and, of those, 64% have harboured ambitions of being a published author at some stage. If that’s you, here’s your chance.

A slight departure for us, but a great charity partner - we're really proud to be involved.

Details of the competition, the book, the charity, terms & conditions, etc. etc. can all be found here.