We Need to Talk - Deadline Extended!
"A Game Proposition"

Jurassic London at Nine Worlds

We'll be at Nine Worlds this weekend - taking part in all the festivities and flogging our wares.

The complete guest list and schedule can be found here. 

We'll also be selling our titles in the ALL OF THE BOOKS room. The table for small presses is only open for a limited time each day, which is fitting - we'll be bringing a limited number of limited editions. 

Our approach to this one is 'everything we can fit in bags, we're taking with us'.

So far that includes Glaze, The Good Shabti, The Lowest Heaven, The Book of the Dead, Unearthed, The Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys, Irregularity and The Brick Moon, as well as a few oddities (prints, etc) that we're turning up in the search. We'll only have a few copies of each item, and, in many cases, these are the last few copies of each item. 

We're also pricing them to move with special "Please Don't Make Us Carry All These Home" convention discounts. We're leaving early on Sunday, so don't put this off until the last minute!

See you there!