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Will Hill is "appropriately nasty"

6a00d8345295c269e201a5102c560a970cThe Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys is reviewed in this month's edition of Black Static, who note that, with Will Hill's story:

...the joy being in the telling with a wealth of incidental detail about Pandemonium and its citizens. The characters are well drawn, with the interplay between the two sons and their drunken father a particular delight (you can see why Isaiah left), while the picture of Calhoun, an archetypal nouveau rich, with all the attendant airs and graces, none of which obscure his thug nature, is extremely well done.

The review also shares that 'the nasty stuff is appropriately nasty', which is a wonderful turn of phrase!

The limited edition novelette (which comes complete with a bartender's guide that's not found anywhere else) is, indeed, sold out. (Although if you email us with the code phrase "BLACK STATIC", I may be able to turn one up from the Secret Stash.)

Or, if you're interested in the Deakins Boys and all their friends, you can pick up the original story and ten others in the A Town Called Pandemonium, on sale in both paperback and digital formats.