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2015 Publications and Eligibility

All Jurassic London publications, artwork and non-fiction released between 1 January and 31 December 2015.

Novels / Collections / Anthologies

Aleriel by W.S. Lach-Szyrma and Molly Tanzer (edited by Jared Shurin)

Jews vs Aliens (edited by Rebecca Levene and Lavie Tidhar)

Jews vs Zombies (edited by Rebecca Levene and Lavie Tidhar)

We Need to Talk (edited by Jared Shurin)

Related Work / Nonfiction

Pornokitsch (edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin)

Richard Dunn and Marek Kukula - Aleriel (Introduction)

Stocking Stuffer 2015


See all our 2015 artwork here.

Aleriel (cover by Jonathan Edwards)

Jews vs Aliens (cover by Sarah Anne Langton)

Jews vs Zombies (cover by Sarah Anne Langton)

Jews vs Omnibus (cover by Sarah Anne Langton)

We Need to Talk (cover by Lisa Wright)

Stocking Stuffer 2015 (cover by Sarah Anne Langton)

"Killing Time" (art by Sharon McGill)

"The Choreography of Masks" (art by Jeffrey Alan Love)

"Mephisto the Unruly" (art by E.G. Cosh)

"The Dragons of Kraków" (art by Vincent Sammy)

Novelette (7,500 - 17,500 words)

Adam Roberts - "Zayinim" (Jews vs Zombies)

Rosanne Rabinowitz - "On the Matter of Meroz" (Jews vs Aliens)

Short Story (<7,500 words)

Shimon Adaf  - "Like a Coin Entrusted in Faith" (Jews vs Zombies)

Naomi Alderman - "Excision" (Jews vs Aliens) (Read it online)

Niall Alexander - "Let's Play" (We Need to Talk)

Tiffany Angus - "Bundle of Joy" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)

Gon Ben Ari - "Don't Blink" (Jews vs Aliens)

Carol Borden - "The Lost City of Osiris" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)

Charlotte Brazier - "Small Talk" (We Need to Talk)

Daisy Buchanan - "In My Head" (We Need to Talk)

Jay Caselberg - “To Serve... Breakfast” (Jews vs Aliens)

Amy Coombe - "Mass Hysteria and You" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)

Andreina Cordani - "An Intervention" (We Need to Talk)

Kim Curran - "Four Words" (We Need to Talk)

Ofir Touche Gafla - "The Scapegoat Factory" (Jews vs Zombies)

Elana Gomel - "The Farm" (Jews vs Aliens)

Lois H. Gresh - “Nameless and Shameless” (Jews vs Aliens)

Sam Holl - "Suspended Reality" (We Need to Talk)

Tom Hunter - "Moments in Time" (We Need to Talk)

Johanna Jowers - "Steak While We Wait" (We Need to Talk)

Eric Kaplan - “Alien Thoughts” (Jews vs Aliens)

Sarah Lotz - "The Friday People" (Jews vs Zombies)

Tim Major - "Cowardy Custard" (We Need to Talk)

Katie McCrory - "Comfort Zone" (We Need to Talk)

Amy McLellan - "Actually" (We Need to Talk)

Jennifer Moore - "Killing Time" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)

Eleanor Pender - "The House" (We Need to Talk)

Andrea Phillips - "Antaius Floating in the Heavens Among the Stars" (Jews vs Aliens)

Daniel Polansky - "Ten for Sodom" (Jews vs Zombies

David Pomerico - "The Choreography of Masks" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)

Rosanne Rabinowitz - "Keep Them Rollin'" (We Need to Talk)

Benjamin Rosenbaum - "Tactrate Metim 28A" (Jews vs Zombies)

Rena Rossner - "Rise" (Jews vs Zombies)

Matthue Roth - "The Ghetto" (Jews vs Aliens)

George Sandison - "Mephisto the Unruly" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)

Robert Sharp - "Frozen Out" (We Need to Talk)

Tiffany Sherlock - "The Merchant of Death" (We Need to Talk)

Adam Smith - "A Gift" (We Need to Talk)

Lee-Anne Smith - "Farewell Feidhlim" (We Need to Talk)

Rachel Swirsky - "The Reluctant Jew" (Jews vs Aliens)

Anna Tambour - "Wiseman's Terror Tales" (Jews vs Zombies)

Molly Tanzer - "Civilisation and Its Discontented" (Aleriel)

Bridie Wilkinson - "Family Language" (We Need to Talk)

Paul Wiseall - "Last Orders" (We Need to Talk)

Michal Wojcik - "The Dragons of Kraków" (Pornokitsch) (Read it online)