2015 Publications and Eligibility

8 (Free!) (Online!) 2015 Short Stories

Dragons of Krakow by Vincent Sammy

In the doldrumy final days of 2015, some free reading - eight original stories, all published on our sister site, Pornokitsch:

"Bundle of Joy" by Tiffany Angus

When Brian Parker left for work on Tuesday morning, he didn’t see the tiny white baby shoes on the porch. And a good thing, too, because he likely would have thrown them away.

"The Time-Traveling Mystery-Solving Teens in... Murder on Dinosaur Island!" by Benjamin Blattberg, art by Sarah Anne Langton

“Oh my fucking god,” said Jerome, “the dinosaurs are going to kill us all!”

"The Lost City of Osiris" by Carol Borden

The whole world was white. It was impossible to tell sky from sand. And when the sun finally set, it left a red line across the horizon like a cut across his eye. Imhotep had been walking for days, weeks.

"Mass Hysteria and You" by Amy Coombe

At first I didn’t care.  Everyone was talking about how Carrie Barf collapsed in the hall between second and third period and I was, like, good. She’s a bitch.

"Killing Time" by Jennifer Moore, art by Sharon McGill

On the day Death came calling for her, Antonia Priver had already left. Clothes shopping, as usual.

"The Choreography of Masks" by David Pomerico, art by Jeffrey Alan Love

The candles mix with the floodlights, and down the road she sees the reflections off the tinted masks and plexiglass shields.

"Mephisto the Unruly" by George Sandison, art by E.G. Cosh

The fever dreams of Mephisto the Unruly were potent. They worked slowly at first, dragging slow, bright streaks of colour across the stained walls, but once they started to take physical form they would not be restrained.

"The Dragons of Kraków" by Michal Wojcik, art by Vincent Sammy

Jadwiga found the apartment in Kraków through a chain of email exchanges, eventually contacting another Canadian who lived abroad. A single bedroom, wifi and utilities included, close to the sights.