The Extinction Event
"Nerd History" Storybundle - featuring Irregularity!

Extinction and You


This October, we're publishing The Extinction Event - our fifth anniversary, and final, anthology. Jurassic London has been a lot of fun, and we've all really, really enjoyed bringing you some of the best and weirdest of fiction and non-fiction, as well as the occasional chili recipe.

There's nothing sinister going on (bless you for worrying!), we're not crushed by the industry (honestly, our books are doing well, although since all our proceeds go to charity, that's neither here nor there), and we've not been poached by Big Publishing (well, Anne was, but that was years ago!). 

What this means for The Extinction Event

Lots of questions about our lumbering final volume. What I think now:

  • Pre-orders in August
  • Delivery in October (including ability to pick up at the launch)
  • Physical/limited edition only. Numbers tbc, but I think 150.
  • We'll be distributing directly.
  • No idea on price yet. Just doing word / art count, and then I'm meeting with our lovely printers over how we can beautify it.

All of this is liable to change (well, not the October date or the physical-only bit).

What this means for readers

Ok. This is the important part: our books are going out of print at the end of October. 

The titles in print that are facing eminent extinction:

  • The Lowest Heaven (UK / US)
  • Irregularity (UK / US)
  • The Book of the Dead (UK / US)
  • A Town Called Pandemonium (UK / US)
  • Jews vs Aliens, Jews vs Zombies and the Jews vs omnibus (UK / US)

If you want them, buy them before the end of October.

If you're holding out for a last-ditch sale: please don't. I've already reduced prices as much as I can - anything lower and the authors get screwed. 

All of our chapbooks, short stories and the Speculative Fiction titles have already been removed from Amazon. The chapbooks will all remain available as free downloads from Goodreads. Many of the short stories can also be found online at Pornokitsch.

A few of our titles - Unearthed, The Brick Moon, Aleriel, We Need to Talk and Lost Souls - will remain on Amazon indefinitely. 

The out of print titles - Stories of the Smoke, Stories of the Apocalypse, Thy Kingdom Come, the various novelettes, etc - will not be returning to print at any point between now and October. I'm really sorry, but those are all well and truly gone.

We'll hold an auction for charity in October for any remaining signed books and rarities.

What this means for our contributors

We've contacted a lot of folks already. If you're a Jurassic author, artist, editor or contributor, and are concerned what this means for you or your work, please get in touch.

What this means for us

Ask us in November!

What this means for everyone

Extinction party in October, y'all! It'll be awesome.

Any question, please use the comments or fire me an email. Thanks!

[ETA: Lovely article on, with more details of The Extinction Event. Check it out!]