When Undeath Imitates Art
"The Last Escapement" on Pseudopod

British Fantasy Society - Horizons #3

British Fantasy SocietyI'm the guest editor for the next issue of Horizons - the British Fantasy Society's journal of fantastic fiction. 

I've selected 13 stories that showcase the full range of the British fantastic: everything from the epic to the horrific; contemporary thriller to sword & sorcery; literary-goofy to pulp-Weird. 

Jurassic readers will recognise a few familiar names, like Sarah Lotz, Den Patrick, Tiffani Angus, Tim Major, Archie Black and Rose Biggin. They're joined by Aliya Whiteley, E. C. Hibbs, Simon Kewin, Jen Williams, Chikodili Emelumadu, D. J. Tyrer and the great Amelia Edwards.

Plus, cool art from Jeffrey Alan Love, Vincent Sammy and Vincent Holland-Keen. And poetry, as selected by Ian Hunter.

It is only available to the British Fantasy Society, so if you're interested in Horizons and the Society's other publications, check out membership in the BFS.

For those that love trees (and need shelf space), there's a new 'paperless' option for membership as well, with all the goodies arriving in digital form. Horizons #3 will be shipping this summer.