Three days to go!
The Djinn Falls in Love

The End!

We're done! Our titles have been delisted as of this morning. 

What's next?

One: Jared says 'bye', in the afterword from The Extinction Event

Two: we're still shipping a ton of The Extinction Event, and will be for several more weeks. (Don't panic!)

Three: some of our books have received interest from other publishers, and may reappear under new management. 

Four: the last email to our mailing list goes out soon, then that goes kerput too.

Five, schemes! Who knows?!

Six: this website/blog will stick around - I'll try to keep it updated with new reviews, awards (knocks on wood), other news. Similarly, jared at will remain if there are any questions about orders, rights, royalties, whatever.

Seven: Kilkerran