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"Murphy's Variations" by Mazin Saleem

Murphy's VariationsTabulit is a terrific new platform for independent creators, focused on publishing exciting new comics and novels online.

We're pleased to announce "Murphy's Variations", a brand new, and very twisty, serial from Mazin Saleem:

Kon grinds out the hours at his soulless office job, and his personal life isn't much better: he can't understand his friend's pop cultural references, and his girlfriend seems to be on another wavelength entirely. Everything he does seems to alienate people; everything he sees just raises more questions. Kon throws himself into the massive task of fitting in. One question leads to another; one world leads to another; until Kon is faced with the biggest question of all. Does Eddie Murphy even exist?

"Murphy's Variations" is a wonderfully tricksy, world-hopping bit of science-fictional magical realism (that's not a genre, but should be). The universe - or universes - are connected in more ways that we know, and a certain Hollywood star seems to be at the centre of it all.

Mazin's fiction has appeared in Litro Magazine, The Literateur, and The Open Pen Anthology, and his non-fiction at Pornokitsch, Little Atoms, and Big Other

Check it out.