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ComicCon: Grimdark and Urban Fantasy

On Saturday, two panels have been given into my care at London ComicCon: one on Grimdark, one on Urban Fantasy.

They are both big panels, with folks like Scott Lynch, Claire North, Richard Morgan, and many more. Given the size and the crowd, the moderation will be taking an interesting format... come along and watch the mayhem. (Details)

To Grim or not to Grim (26 May, 3 pm) 

Grimdark is one of the many sub-genres within fantasy fiction, having enjoyed a massive surge in popularity over the last two decades, thanks in no part to works from authors like George R.R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie.  It’s a genre that’s bold, brash and bloody, and it’s got legions of fans.  But, like any good sub-genre, it’s also got its detractors.  Join fantasy authors Richard K Morgan (The Steel Remains) Scott Lynch (The Gentleman Bastard series) Jen Williams (The Copper Cat Trilogy) Lucy Hounsom (Worldmaker Trilogy) Peter Newman (The Vagrant) and Mark De Jager (Infernal) as they debut the pros and cons of “going dark”. Grimdark, that is.

Fantastically Urban (26 May, 6 pm)

Urban Fantasy has been tearing up the fiction charts for some time now, and its popularity has been felt throughout pop culture; from fiction to television to film and video games.  But what makes a good Urban Fantasy?  For that matter, what makes a bad one?  Listen as authors MR Carey (The Boy on the Bridge) Claire North (84K) Tade Thompson (Rosewater) Laure Eve (The Graces) and Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid series) chat through the tropes of the urban fantasy and the challenges of keeping things fresh.

Also - earlier in May, I talked podcasts with Miranda Sawyer, Liv Siddall and Emma Gannon at the Photographer's Gallery for Margaret London. It was a terrific event, and - fittingly - recorded, so there should be audio forthcoming.