Tall, dark and deeply disturbing
Shirley Jackson Day

Bradford: Frankenstein & (Other) Murder Ballads

I'm chairing two sessions at this year's Bradford Literature Festival - tickets are on sale now:

In the Pines: Graphic Novels and Murder Ballads (30 June, 1.15 pm)

“Bloody, wistful and strange,” is how Canongate have described In The Pines, the stunningly illustrated graphic novel by Erik Kriek. A retelling of five murder ballads; grisly tales of murder reminiscent of the music of Nick Cave and Gillian Welch.

With roots in traditional oral storytelling, murder ballads have fascinated readers since the mid 17th century, telling eerie tales of love, death and betrayal with a distinct darkness and lack of rescue or redemption.

In this compelling event, author and illustrator Erik Kriek is joined by Dr. Jonathan Brockbank and Jared Shurin to discuss this fascinating graphic novel, and the history, stories and music that inspired it. (Details)

Inspired by Frankenstein (30 June, 2.45 pm)

Ever since Mary Shelley moulded Frankenstein’s monster on the pages of her debut novel, literature lovers have been fascinated by her creation and the ideas behind it. Gender, religion, science and family are just a few of the themes covered in the classic work.

In the 21st century, it’s clear that Shelley’s prophetic masterpiece has influenced everything from sci-fi to satire. For this event, we welcome Akram Khan, Selma Dimitrijevic, Joanna Verran and Chris Priestley, whose work crosses a variety of respective fields, all of which bear the mark of Frankenstein’s incredible legacy. (Details)

There are over 400 events over the 10-day festival: you can download the full programme here.