Tentacles and terror
"This may literally be the worst marketing campaign of all time."

NWG Innovation Festival

I'm a guest at the upcoming NWG Innovation Festival in Newcastle. The Festival is a unique event: a week-long series of hack days, with teams trying to solve a dozen different societal and environmental problems. That's a lot, but there's even more around the edges - speakers (hi!), school programmes, panels, workshops and much more.

I'll be working with the team from Explain to answer: 'how to build advocacy with communities and customers?':

Market research experts Explain Market Research will be heading up the sprint team looking at how companies and business from across the world build fan bases and what they can do to turn customers into fans. How do you change ‘likes' into loyalty and turn sales into supporters, Explain will lead the way.

A great challenge, and I'm delighted to be participating as planner and a shameless fanboy. I'll be speaking on Tuesday (10th) about fandoms and fan culture. Tickets and details here. (And some recent thoughts on loyalty here.)