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'Best' 'Fantasy' 'British' 'of'

The Best of British Fantasy

I'm editing The Best British Fantasy. I'm delighted to be working with Newcon's Ian Whates, and have the opportunity to showcase the brilliance of British creativity.

So... I need some fantasy.

What am I looking for?

Best: In the immortal words of the Atlantic Monthly's Ellery Sedgewick: "My selection is made according to the whim of one individual." 

British: This is about authorship, not publication. It doesn't matter where the work was first published: I need the author to be a citizen of the United Kingdom or long-term resident. I would like to read stories from UK citizens residing outside of the UK. I would like to read stories from (the other) immigrants that now make the UK their home. And I would like to read stories from UK-born people who live in the UK. Basically, I would like to read stories.

Fantasy: I define fantasy as 'contains some element of the fantastic'. This is deliberately broad, and includes everything from the most epic of epics to the most literary of, uh, literary. Paranormal romance, magical realism, sword & sorcery, steampunk - I think great quality lurks in every subgenre. Try me.

The caveat is, NewCon already publishes terrific science fiction and horror 'best of' series (check 'em out). I'm not going to poach from their fields.

This is a reprint market for short stories

I'm looking for stories that are, ideally, between 2,500 and 6,000 words. Exceptions can be made, although if you're flogging either a novelette or flash fiction, that's unlikely to happen. 

Stories means stories. No poetry, non-fiction or extracts from longer works, please.

I am looking for reprints. Stories must have been first published between 1 January and 31 December 2018. Please ensure the reprint rights for the story are available before sending it to me. As well as anthology and magazine publication, I am happy to consider stories that first appeared in a digital format, as a self-published story, as bonus content in a book, in a magazine, in a small press, as a limited edition, in a chapbook, whatever, etc. etc. 

This is a paying market, offering 1p a word for reprint rights on accepted stories, up to a maximum of £60.00, along with contributor copies of the book. There will also be some non-onerous, non-mandatory publicity requirements/opportunities for contributors as well.

How to submit a story

I am very happy to hear from authors, agents, or publishers.

Please send the story (as Word/PDF/mobi/epub, pls), publication details, and brief bio to jared@jurassic-london.com. 

Deadline 1 December 2018, but the sooner the better. I am happy to read pre-publication copies, provided the final story does publish within the calendar year.

If you include [BoBF] in the subject line I will get to it faster and know that you read this whole thing.

Spreading the word

Please share this link far and wide. I'm keen to cast a wide net and read as broadly as possible. I want BoBF to represent the diversity of voices and talents and backgrounds present with the UK. 

You can also help by leaving your own suggestions - stories, authors, anthologies, even magazines or publishers - in the comments below. Or tweet them at me at @straycarnivore. Or email them to me directly at the address above.