'Best' 'Fantasy' 'British' 'of'
BBQ, Pink Flamingos, Bits

"What are your influences?"

This week's newsletter is about influences. Also Facebook, Fighting Fantasy and, uh, mayonnaise:

One particularly fascinating bit of aboutness - an aboutness molecule - the humble Facebook ad. We don't see them. Of course we don't! I've held approximately 7,500,000 focus groups, and I've never once heard someone say that they noticed a Facebook ad. I don't. You don't. No one does! And yet, someone does, because, guess what, Facebook made $39.9 billion on those ads last year. Billion. That's a lot of not-noticing. This isn't social acceptability bias either, as even in quantitative surveys, we say we don't see those ads. 91% of the UK population says they've never made a purchase through a social media ad. 87% have never clicked a brand communication through Facebook. And yet, someone is placing - and winning - a forty billion dollar bet that they do.


Plus, NewCon's Ian Whates says very nice things about the Best of British Fantasy project. Subscribe to that too!