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BBQ, Pink Flamingos, Bits

An interview with The Stars Now Unclaimed's Drew Williams about BBQ, and what it really means:

Were those moments as perfect as I remember? Almost certainly not: with seven kids, at least a couple of us were fighting, at least a handful of my uncles were probably embarrassingly drunk, and with my family, a day like that was as liable to end with a trip to the emergency room as anything else - I once got shot in the head with an arrow! - but those aren’t the parts I remember, you know? In memory, the sunlight’s always perfect, the sweat doesn’t stink and the blood doesn’t hurt, and every piece of BBQ that came out of that smoker was done to perfection.

What disaster fiction can teach us about pink flamingos (and the role of the advertising agency):

The Meg is a black swan - no one expects a prehistoric sharkDeep Blue Sea is a pink flamingo. The inevitable conclusion of making hyper-intelligent sharks is that you're going to get some people well and truly et.

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Other bits

  • Currently over 100 items already in for The Best of British Fantasy, plus my own, um, exploratory reading - a really interesting experience, and I look forward to sharing more about it
  • Speaking of 'Best of'...: Maria Dahvana Headley's "Black Powder" (from The Djinn Falls in Love) has been selected for The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy and Saad Hossain's "Bring Your Own Spoon" is in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year.
  • New events coming up in October and November - two publishing talks and some cameos-in-support-of-a-book-to-which-I-contributed. (I'm not sure what the word is for that.)
  • I'm not at either FantasyCon or World Fantasy. But I have already booked for next year's WorldCon. (And, for non-SF/F types, yes - those are three completely different things and, yes - that is confusing, and probably deliberate.)