Howdy, Dublin

This is, apparently, the future

2020, golly.

I've done a rubbish job of updating this (AUGUST?!), so here's a lightning summary of the last third of last year...


  • Hype Collective podcast - about what 'strategy' is, and some (hopefully practical) advice on getting into the industry (I loved getting to do this)
  • A guest lecture at Oxford Brookes - 'Visual Storytelling' - for their wonderful publishing, marketing and media programme
  • Various presentations in London, York, Belgium and Melbourne 



  • The Outcast Hours was a finalist for the coveted r/fantasy Stabby
  • ...and Lavie Tidhar's "Bag Man" (from The Outcast Hours) was a finalist for the CWA Short Story Dagger
  • Yes, both those prizes are daggers. If we'd won both, we'd have an entire carving set.

Rambling (in newsletters):

Looking ahead:

  • The Best of British Fantasy 2019 will be out this spring
  • I've written a piece on Lonesome Dove that should hit print sometime this year
  • And I'm finally getting a chance to write a bit about John D MacDonald (huzzah!)
  • Further anthologising news tbc
  • Other events to come

Which is... honestly a little more than I thought.